Our Approach to Individual Therapy for Clients in Hood River, OR


Our Approach to Individual Therapy for Clients in Hood River, OR

Get to know Sarah Oaks Counseling! At my practice near Hood River, Oregon, I take a holistic approach to individual therapy, personalizing my services for each client I see. My goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can embark on a journey of healing and growth, exploring your emotions and overcoming challenges like a boss. Tailored...[ read more ]

Overcoming Stigma to Seek Help for PTSD

Living with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can feel like constantly navigating a labyrinth of challenges. Yet, one of the greatest obstacles individuals face in their journey toward healing from a past trauma is the pervasive stigma that still surrounds mental health issues today, particularly PTSD. This stigma fosters fear, shame, and discrimination, often preventing individuals from seeking the help and...[ read more ]

What is Healing, and how does Counseling help?

People have an idea that “counseling” equals “skills acquisition,” and that there are workbook pages involved, and plenty of ‘em. I will tell you right now that when someone comes to me telling me the story of how they are pretty lazy and need to try harder and have more tasks to complete, that is the very person to whom...[ read more ]

The Drama Triangle

Beware the Drama Triangle, ya’ll! It is the source of all conflict and unconscious torment in our relationships! And when I say “Beware,” I really mean that. Be aware, if not wary. What is the Drama Triangle? Well, it has 3 points, and each point stands for a role that we take on in conflict. One point is called the...[ read more ]

Asking for Help

Asking for help is magical. Sorry to introduce that word so baldly and immediately into a nice bland little blog on help-asking. But still, “Asking for help is magical,” I say. Even thinking about asking ignites an internal process on a long-burning fuse. Asking is the spark to that fuse, the one that leads to the charge that can clear...[ read more ]

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