We all have the capacity to heal and make deep and lasting change; my practice is dedicated to offering emotional skills with the warmth and acceptance that nurtures change. I have years of experience helping children, adolescents, and families, with a focus on helping individuals of all ages heal from distressing and traumatic circumstances and the depression and anxiety that can follow. I am comfortable in helping with short-term stressors, or long-term personal growth. I believe that every person is strong, capable, and has the innate ability to grow, have loving relationships, and feel free and alive.

I have a special interest in helping adolescents or adults with traumatic stress and its associated issues of anxiety, panic, depression, low self-worth, irritability, and relationship problems. I have worked with many people who have been able to begin their healing process and live more satisfying, joyful lives.

Women’s lives can feel especially stressful; balancing our own emotional needs with those of children, partners, coworkers, and friends can feel exhausting. I have many years’ experience helping women find clarity in relationships, spirituality, creative and sexual expression; and providing compassionate help for women in abusive or violent situations.

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