What to Expect from Trauma Therapy

Healing from trauma can feel daunting and overwhelming. "Will I ever be able to feel better?"  Effective trauma therapy provides skillful guidance that can help you finally process and release painful events from the past. Trauma therapy involves helping the trauma survivor reconnect in a safe way to the overwhelming emotions of the past event, allowing integration and healing, and bringing more peace into the present day. Having dedicated myself to ongoing personal and professional growth, I bring a compassionate and empathetic approach to my practice. My own healing journey enables me to form compassionate connections with my clients, providing you with an authentic and nurturing environment for growth empowerment.

At my practice, I take great care to tailor my therapy for trauma to each client because I understand that trauma varies widely from individual to individual. My extensive experience allows me to address a range of trauma-related issues in evidence-based ways, helping clients achieve a sense of security and form healthy relationships with others where they may have struggled previously.

Your Journey to Healing Starts Here

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